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Styling the Knit, cozy sweater

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

There is no doubt that when fall comes, all we want to do is bundle ourselves in a cozy, maybe even, oversized sweater. Here at Joliee we are huge fans of sweaters that are classic, and simple. The reason for that is because classic sweaters never go out of style, and simple sweaters can be styled with almost anything and everything in your wardrobe.


Style #1) The Skirt Way

Styling a sweater with a skirt is the simplest, fastest way to look dressed up. If you are in a hurry but want to look super 'cute', throw a skirt on with booties to complete your outfit.

TIP: If the sweater is loud (either with color or patterns), keep the skirt plan and neutral colored. If the sweater is more simple, them add a fun skirt with it.


Style #2) Layer, Layer, Layer

Ever feel like your outfit just looks plain? Like it needs something more than just a sweater and a necklace? That when layering comes into play. Layering is always a fantastic idea, it's the best way to keep you warm and add to your outfit. In colder days, it's best to layer with jackets or cardigans that will be easy to take off when feeling warm.

TIP: Make sure to coordinate the colors well. Well, put together colors will make the outfit stand out more. Also, if your sweater is a chunky, thicker sweater, then layer it with a thin, light jacket or cardigan. Now if your sweater is a thinner one, then you are able to layer it with a thicket jacket to keep your warm.


Style #3) The Jean Way

As most of you know, the easiest and effortless way to get dressed is by wearing jeans. As you seen in the picture above, white jeans are also acceptable for fall as long as you style it with fall colors; however, our go to pair of jeans would have to be a black pair. You will be amazed at how many things you can wear with black, and not only that, it will also help your sweater stand out more.

TIP: If your sweater allows you to play with it, do it. For example, this sweater can be worn two different ways, the cowl neck style (right picture), or the off the shoulder style (left picture). This will add that little extra touch that will have you looking chic.




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