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Style Inspo: Army Green Jacket

Each morning it get's colder and colder and the best way to stay warm is to layer up. When you think of layering or dressing warm, you don't have to be afraid of not looking stylish, there are ways around it. In this outfit we've decided to style our 'Army Green' jacket because it's a must have, but if you already have a similar one, go ahead, style yours!

This jacket is very versatile; It has the room to allow you to layer more to stay warm and with the high-low look, it makes it stylish. Wear it with jeans, with a skirt, with leggings, with anything, you'll be surprised how good it will look. For this occasion, based on our Co-Owners style, she decided to style it with tight jeans and nude pumps. If you don't feel comfortable wearing heels, no worries, switch it for booties. This entire look can easily be transformed to your style, just change what you wouldn't wear. We recommend sticking to the jacket, scarf and jeans to keep you warm. Whatever you decide to wear underneath, it's up to you.

Oversized Jacket with adjustable strings on waistband.
The Army, Green Jacket

P.S These scarves are EVERYTHING! So warm, so cozy, so big and perfect for these chill temperatures. We have a few coming to our boutique very, very soon.

Oversized Jacket with adjustable strings on waistband.


On a final tip, always carry around coffee or hot chocolate to keep you warm. Not only are you staying warm, but it will taste so good.

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