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Music Festival Inspired Outfits

As soon as Spring comes around, we get excited for that warm weather that's slowly approaching us as well as Summer. Our minds automatically become happy as we start planning and thinking of all the things we can do and places we can visit. Warm weather brings people together through outdoor events and activities that will leave us with some amazing memories. Warm weather also allows you to dress up super cute without having a jacket covering your look. For us, that's such an amazing feeling as we are big on 'looking your best, and feeling your best'.

There are so many exciting things you can plan to do this Spring/Summer and places you can visit, but one of the main events that starts during Spring (specifically next month) is music festivals. April is the month that kicks off all the festivals starting with the most well known, Coachella. Aside from all the good music, company and food that you may encounter in these festivals, you cannot deny the fashion aspect of it. These events bring out the creative side of people and gets everyone excited to plan their outfits not just for these events, but for the Summer coming up.

With that being said, here are two outfits we have put together for 'Music Festival Season' or in general, for Summer 2019. These outfits are comfortable, fun, stylish and can be worn for many occasion during Spring and Summer, not just limited for festivals.

First Look:

There is something about a white, crispy, cotton dress that screams 'fresh' and 'summer'. No matter how you style it, what colors you pair with it or what accessories you wear with it, a white dress will always be classic and you can do no wrong. The reason for that it's because it's white, a neutral color that will allow you to be as creative as you need to be.

The beauty of that is that you can wear it with different things and each time it will look brand new.

Click to get this dress here.

Second Look:

Midi dresses have been around for a while as well as maxi dresses. Now, we buy them with the intentions of wearing it to the beach or for a casual day out, but the reality of it is that you can get more creative with it than what you think. In order to get creative with it, you must feel confident in wearing it and pulling it off. Today we are here to tell you that you can do it, you can rock a midi or maxi dress a different way than just the dress itself.

Try layering it with a top (preferably a lightweight one if it's warm outside) to make the illusion that you are wearing a skirt. Go the extra step and add a belt on your waist to define the look a bit more. Highlight your curves with a belt and add a little something more to the dress.

Check out our video with these looks and more.





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