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How to Re-Charge

Ever feel like your extremely tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and even at times unhappy? That happens to all of us pretty often and that's not a shocker since we are constantly on the go. We don't often think about putting ourselves first and instead spend our days, our minutes and hours devoting ourselves to others and our jobs. Our bills will never stop chasing us, problems will never stop coming and life will never stop being life, unexpected.

The solution to this... is to get away.

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Getting away can be as simple as spending a relaxing weekend in a cozy cabin or even just adventuring in the nearest city or state. We tend to complicate this concept with the illusion of having to travel far, to exotic places to be content and relax, but in reality, re-charging your self can be that easy. We create excuses in our minds as to why we can't get away, but try it for a weekend, get away somewhere relaxing with your loved one. Try booking a place and just going for it, we promise you won't regret it and it will force you to get away and recharge yourself.

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The Cozy, Knit Sweater Outfit


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