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Crossbody essentials

As a woman, we are always carrying around purses with us and sometimes, those purses are so big that we continue to add nonsense items into them. Now, although we enjoy carrying around a purse, we much rather carry a small crossbody or a fashionable backpack that will free our shoulders from pain. Carrying a big purse around has become such a hassle for a 3 reasons..

Number one: As we mentioned before, big purses tend to give you shoulder pain and problems. The bigger the purse, the more we add.

Number two: Have you ever noticed that when you are trying to put your purse away in a small locker, room, or place it never fits? Big purses are so inconvenient in size (for certain things). Now if you need to go to the beach or carry a laptop in there, we understand the need for a big purse.

Number three: Things always seem to disappear in a big purse! This one is the funniest, yet most annoying of them all. Nowadays, we live in a world where everything is fast pace and we are constantly on the go; we don't have time to be searching 30 minutes for a lipstick to look good or your wallet to pay for something.

Okay, so with that being said, we through we'd give you a few options of items to carry in your crossbody to make your life a little easier.

1) Lotion: Lotion is always a good idea to carry because a smooth skin, makes everything better.

2) Lipstick: We don't know about you, but we love applying lipstick. You can go all day without wearing makeup, but add some lipstick and you'll feel like a million dollars.

3) A mirror: This one seems so simple, yet a lot of people nowadays don't carry one. A mirror is not just to look at yourself while applying makeup, it's also used to check your teeth after you eat, or simply to make sure you look good.

4) Small wallet: If you are downsizing in purse, (which we recommend) you'll also need to downsize your wallet. Now, I know most of you are already scared to do this step, but think about it, all you really need is your most used debit card, maybe 1 credit card so you don't get yourself in trouble, your drivers license, insurance card and maybe a gift card or so. This small, Kate Spade wallet fits everything we need and more. You can also get a similar one.

5) Shout wipe & go: Alright ladies, this one is a must and they are so tiny that you can fit maybe a few in a crossbody. We all eat, we all make messes and we all end up almost in tears after spilling a drink or food beverage in our stunning outfit. If you carry this with you, theres no more worrying that your clothes will stain, instead clean it up and go on with you day.

6) Gum/Mint: This one we did not have pictured above just because we did not have any at the time, but you cannot go wrong with this. Just think about all the times you had to go searching for some gum or mints after a lunch.

Extra tip: This one obviously won't fit in your crossbody bag, but it's a must and we've realized how good it makes you feel; a cute, bottle of water! Drinking water is good for you and one thing we realized is that when you have a cute bottle that keeps your water cold for hours, you are more likely to drink more water than ever. Take it from us, it truly works!




WALLET: Kate Spade

Lotion: Bath and Body Works

Shout Wipe & Go: Walmart


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