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Joliee Boutique Story 

Hi everyone and welcome! My name is Anngelik Martinez and I, alongside with my two handsome boys, create the magic that goes into Joliee Boutique. I’ve always worked in retail and at one point was a store manager for a women’s clothing store. I knew I wanted something more, I wanted to help and connect with women more than just selling to them. I spent the early stages of life after college working and not feeling great about what I was doing. This crazy idea crossed my mind at one point of having a women’s boutique, but like most big dreams, this dream was extremely scary to me. I wouldn’t know where to start, how to do it or where it would go.


Fast forward to a few years later and I met the love of my life who happens to be my biggest supporter and the one who pushed me to finally do this full time. I became a mother to a handsome little man, and it changed my life completely. I thought I knew the direction I needed to go in order to help women through this business, but boy was I wrong. It wasn’t after becoming a mother that I realized the purpose of Joliee Boutique. Even though I knew I wanted to help and connect with women, I just did not know how until now.


Time is something that when you are single you take for granted, but when you build a family or start doing something bigger for yourself, then it becomes valuable. Whether you are a mom of one, mom of four or just a busy working, college student, I want to make your life easier. Taking time to plan an outfit or even go shop for one is time consuming and that’s where Joliee Boutique will step in. We will inspire you with outfit inspiration and provide you with clothing that’s ready to go. Accessories will already be added to your tops or dresses when shopping with Joliee. You’ll be able to choose from 2 different options depending on your style. No, you won’t break your bank, no you will not pay for shipping and yes, we want to make life easier for you because we know how valuable time is.

"Live life with Joliee and inspire those around you to look their best, feel their best and make a difference"